"why did they program me to feel pain?"

Peggy: look, no i’m not about to lay alone in bed watching The Notebook

don’t even imply it

i need desserts tho!

Tate: hahahahha

I did that recently

I was like “why does everyone like this movie?”

but thought that as I gently wept

Peggy: HAHHH

that movie is like Chris Rock fishin for women with his porsche.. “I GOTChA BITCH!”

Tate: hahahhaha

Peggy: i especially like how the woman with alzheimers embodies the viewers excitement/anticipation, but ironically it is about her own story

Tate: it’s like a litmus test for human women

"didn’t cry during The Notebook, must be cyborg”

Top notch customer service.

Peggy: some woman just stuck her head in the door and goes “your flower pots are GORGEOUS”

Tate: LOL

Peggy: i told her to get lost

Re: Craigslist personals

Tate: "you’re awfully picky for someone with no irises"

Peggy: LOL

Tate: you had me at “true gentalman”

Peggy: hahahhahaha

Tate: it’s like, dude, you are posting an ad on craigslist

contrary to what you may think it is not = to rubbing a genie-filled lamp

Peggy: LOL dammit!!!!!

i was hoping it is

Tate: me too

What Smokey (the Bear - not Robinson) would say.

Tate: I commented back

also thinking I was funny(on YourSpace)

you answered YourSpace as in MySpace

the correct answer is MySpace as in YourSpace


Tate: it is amazing what things come up when you google image search “love warrior”

Peggy: hahahahahahah

don’t reverse that one either

Tate: lol

Peggy: warrior love, wolf dick

I’ll have the taco plate

Tate: omg - I8tacos is available as a CA plate

        Peggy: HAHAHAHHAHH

        Tate: past tense

       Peggy: naturally…then if you get pulled over for speeding you can be all

                 ”didn’t you read my plate!!?”

Initiating a conversation 101

Peggy: heyo

             Tate: heyyyyyyy

             Peggy: i have no follow up

             Tate: hahahhaha I can update you on my vitals

                   kind of sleepy and craving chocolate as per us

             Peggy: omg..its like looking into a living snow mirror




The much-anticipated Simpsons commemorative stamps from the USPS.




The much-anticipated Simpsons commemorative stamps from the USPS.


Buying stamps.

Tate: “can I get like 100 of those ‘jury duty’ stamps?

Peggy: hahahha “can i get 74 of those?”

Tate: "no I only need 74"

New unit of time.

Peggy: tonight is this celebrity party which you should totally come to because you already have an award winning costume!!

Tate: ooooohhh yeah

it’s being used to stuff the windows

Peggy: its $25 all u can drink/eat for 4 hours

how much is 4 hours worth of potato skins

Tate: LOL

Peggy: i will have to find out

Tate: the tato skins unit of time

I’ll be here for about 6 tato skins

the happiest place/oldest woman on earth

Peggy: organists, ice cream, stage shows

they should have made the corpse of annette funicello animatronic and incorporated it into the show

is she even dead?

i’m a terrible person

Tate: LOL I think she’s still alive

Peggy: if she is alive, i’ll give you 10 to 1 odds she now wears blue blockers blublockers

she is an “oldest older adult”

Tate: hahahahah

Peggy: her daily vitamins are just condensed ashes

Tate: one foot in the grave but the other is on a surfboard

Peggy: yea it’s back to the beach meets weekend at bernies

Tate: dude, she’s only 66

Peggy: woah